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Migrate from OAuth 1.0 to OAuth 2.0

We have created a custom method to exchange an OAuth 1.0 token/secret for an OAuth 2.0 user access and refresh token.
To do this, make an OAuth 2.0 request for each user. This is similar to the refresh token request. The refresh_token must be set to the user's OAuth 1.0a access token and access token secret concatenated with a colon. Make a POST request to with the following parameters.

Parameter Description
grant_type Must take the value refresh_token.
client_id Your app ID. You can get this ID from your app page.
client_secret Your app secret. You can get this from your app page.
refresh_token The user's OAuth 1.0 token and token secret concatenated with a colon.

Important: This migration process should not be done more than once per user. Once your application has obtained OAuth 2.0 tokens, it should start using the OAuth 2.0 refresh token flow.

An example request might look like: